Kindle Book Sales: How To Read Minds?

When it comes to making a ton of Kindle book sales the most vital element is nailing what your audience REALLY needs.  You need to basically read their minds when it comes to what content to publish.  Do they want to avoid a problem? Solve a problem? Obtain pleasure?  This simple, yet vital element can often times make the difference between success and failure.

This is a huge problem for a lot of people which is why I made this video… Click Play On The Video Below



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Jonny Andrews




How To Get A Free Kindle

I’m sure by now you’ve heard of the Amazon Kindle and how crazy cool it is to publish stuff there for fun and profit.

You might also know I recently published my own title on Kindle and hit #1 bestseller status in just 13 hours. (Please hold your applause until after the cake and ice cream)

Well what you probably didn’t know is that just about everyone can get a Kindle for free… (sort of)

Check This Out Here’s How To Do It:

First off this is NOT some crazy CPA offer where you have to enter your info and then go spiraling down a never ending path of optin for a “free thing” offers.

This is from itself.

#1: Click this link (Direct to the Amazon page) and select the platform of  your choice

#2: Install the totally FREE software…

#3: Link your Amazon account to your new Kindle reading app…

#4: Get TONS of free and super cheap books

Make sure you do that because just about everything I’m going to be publishing from now into the future is going to be on that platform!  So IF you want to get a crazy number of super cool free bonuses it’ll be a good idea to have your free kindle set up and ready to go.  Or else ya can’t play!

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Simply Badass

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You’ve got to watch this guy, he’s freaking incredible.  It’s a touch slow for the first minute or so and then it’s like impossible to look away! I think it’s Jani G’s brother or something 😉

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Gamification = Game Changer!

From Google Tech Talks this is a fantastic presentation on “Gamification” by Gabe Zichermann

After seeing this I can tell you, hands down, this is an EPIC way to boost your sales and crush
your competition… (This presentation is VERY good as well as funny)

Gamification = is the use of game thinking and mechanics to solve problems and engage audiences

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I Have A Theory. If You Help Me I’ll Feed You Cake.

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Okay I’m kidding about the cake part… but I will actually host a free webinar and answer all your most pressing questions live and uncensored.  (as usual)

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Toothpaste, Lies & Urinal Cakes: How To Sell More Stuff Without Being A Jerk

This is a super ninja live presentation I did with the good people Hollis Carter and Keith Wellman. In it I break down a WHOLE lot of ways to drive massive viral traffic and make A LOT more money…

Click the video to play

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YES! You Too Can Make $300 Million In Less Than 24 Hours!

Is it just me or are there almost more “gurus” launching products these days than there are people in the market buying them?

No really… if I’m not mistaken I counted like 15 people on a near weekly basis who have asked me mail for their latest “money thingy”.

Clearly, and this is only my opinion, but it seems things have gotten a touch out of hand.

The result of this total list molestation is that fewer and fewer people are all that excited to actually buy much of anything! 

Side note: to be fair a few dudes have released some VERY quality stuff (Ryan Lee’s new one as an example) but it just seems a lot of the good stuff stuff is getting lost in the noise.

So the question which sparked this whole thing in the first place was asked by A LOT of people… “DUDE!  Where have you been?!”

Where have I been?  Same place I’ve always been… (I actually stopped mailing under my name for a few months to test an email theory and that seems to have thrown people for a loop)

Well it’s been a crazy couple of years and an even crazier couple of months!  I’ve actually shifted my entire business model in a way I never thought I could, landing in markets I never thought in a million years I’d blow up in…

…I got married… I had my first baby… AND I moved away from only relying on the “LAUNCH, LAUNCH, LAUNCH” game. Why? Because it’s basically cooler (AND now I look better in a speed-o) building a legitimate business rather than hyping the next shiny object in line… 

So am I out of the Internet Marketing space?  Hell no!  I’ve been focused on creating actual quality stuff people can legitimately use and see results with…

Basically I’m doing everything I’ve always told YOU to do!

So if you’re still struggling here are 3 simple tips:

Tip #1: Get into markets where you can buy traffic…

Tip #2: Test your offer with said traffic before you roll it out to the masses…

Tip #3: Focus your efforts on building your business, whatever model you happen to chose, for the long term and benefit of your customers…

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Holy Crap! I Have A Blog!

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It’s time that even I admit this is getting stupid.  Ya see, here’s this super cool blog thingy with my face all over it, a few thousand readers and a group of people screaming for me to freaking publish something…

Have I?  No!  Not for months!

Why?  Because I now have a wife and a SUPER cute baby who are taking up my time…

But more so because I actually have TOO MUCH to say!  It’s crazy but true.  In fact, this might be a form of info overload I haven’t run into before.

So here’s how I’m going to fix this problem and what’s in it for you:

I need some guest bloggers.

I’d like to get to the point where I’m publishing at least 3 new articles per week about something weird, off the wall, business related or online related.

Are you a great writer?

If so then I want to read your crap.  (More to the point… your BEST crap)

Criteria For Submitting Said Crap To Said Blog:

  1. Be a great writer
  2. Be fun to read
  3. Be willing to only submit 100% original content and have it only published here
  4. Be willing to publish on a regular basis
  5. Be willing to NOT be paid (basking in my bloggy presents alone should be enough for a family of 4)
  6. Be willing to submit your best, original crap here on da blog…

Can you have a “bio box” with a link to your site? Sure… so long as your site doesn’t suck away my will to live.  What I mean by that is your site needs to look pretty solid and offer VERY high quality stuff before you hit people with the most epic call to action “buy my shit”.

So if you love to write and feel you can “hang” post your best info below (NOT your damn phone number!  Holy S*!!@t if I get another idiot telling me to call them so they can ask me a question I might just shave off my face!)

I feel better now.  Don’t you?

Now post!



Homeless Man BANNED By Flippa: FEMA Mobilizes

Okay okay… so FEMA isn’t really getting involved.  I just couldn’t think of another large acronym rich organization to include in that shocking headline!

Here’s the story: If you’ve been paying attention to my emails for the past few days then you know I was in the process of selling off some web properties via a site called “”  Flippa, if you don’t already know, is the worlds largest site for buying and selling websites.

First off… they are a FANTASTIC place to scoop up really cool stuff for great prices.  (I bought a freaking FaceBook ap/game with about 88,000 registered users based on that crazy Twilight Movie/Book series for super cheap!)

Well MY auction didn’t go quite as smoothly!

As it turns out (and in their defense I would probably have done the same thing) due to new accounts being created and bidding like crazy…  It looked like I was gaming the system and trying to “inflate” the price.

In reality it was because I had told my subscribers and a lot of them wanted in!

So one minute everything’s going totally sweet… the bids and messages were rolling in and then I refreshed the page and saw the words:

Your Account Has Been Banned

Since this happened in the final 24 hours of the auction (which had reached #1 by a HUGE margin) I was unable to accept new bids or even access my account.

Obviously messages were sent and support tickets created…

OH THE HORROR! Yes!  They re-activated my account!   But when they did it was AFTER the technical close of the auction…

This caused the highest bidder at the time of ban to be automatically declared the winner!

Holy crap!

Next thing you know I have a TON of angry/confused messages asking me what happened and why they couldn’t bid…

The Good News: Clearly the auction was rendered null and void.  It was an honest mistake on the part of the Flippa staff and one they are fixing as we speak.

So at the time of me writing this post, IAS remains unsold.

The Bad News: Even though nobody was really at fault, I feel HORRID about the poor dude who got the “YOU WON!” email.

I can imagine it felt a lot like getting exactly what you wanted on Christmas only to open the box and find out it’s broken and the company selling it went out of business.

So I’ve gone ahead and contacted him to apologize for the misunderstanding and to offer him something really cool for his trouble.

The REALLY Good News: This is where YOU come in.

Because I received a HUGE number of messages asking me how I’m able to create these fully automated online business models I’ve decided to host a ONE TIME LIVE Webinar.

I’m actually going to show you behind the scenes of my business and give you a step by step 6 figure automated blueprint so you can actually build one of these things yourself.

As in YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BUY IT! Yes.  On this webinar I will actually give you the entire blueprint.

BONUS: And then I’m going to show you how to drive TONS of traffic to your sites without having a list and without any real effort.

DO NOT miss this.  Seriously.  Mega content will be taught and if you don’t register NOW you’ll miss out

Action Step: >> Click Here & Register NOW <<

I’ll see you Thursday!


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Are You Freaking KIDDING ME?!?!?!

Please see the video market “Exhibit A” and make sure you watch this lunacy through to
to the bitter end.

Why?  Because if after you see this and you’re still complaining it’s hard to be successful
online you may just need to get slapped.

Exhibit A:

EXACTLY What You’re Seeing:

This is a just a random 15 year old kid in his messy bedroom using nothing more than a crappy webcam and a free YouTube account.  (Which means he *may* have registered a gmail account as well)

He’s obviously a dork.

On top of that he’s really awkward looking.  (Totally NOT uber-popular movie star

On top of that he’s lip-syncing (badly) to a 50 Cent tune…

Then what happens?  A multi-platinum artist walks into his freaking bedroom
and starts lip-syncing WITH him.

Some of his videos are getting over 20,000,000 views… that’s TWENTY MILLION.

He’s being talked about on TV, Radio and blogs EVERYWHERE.

It didn’t cost him a dime.

He’s now famous.

He can now make TONS of loot from this and launch a life-time
career in show biz.

Did I mention he’s only 15 and he used basic technology that probably came
with a cheap computer I’m guessing his parents bought for him?

If you check out his YouTube channel you can see he’s been doing this for
about 12 months.

What’s the trick?

#1: Do something simple that’s interesting & replicatable

#2: Upload said thing weekly to YouTube (or another social media site)

#3: Keep doing it ESPECIALLY if you look like a total dork

#4: DO NOT EVER say this is “too hard” or “it won’t work for me”

Here ends your lesson for today.

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that publicity 😉

Jonny Andrews


Shocking Reasons Your Website Traffic Sucks – And 3 Simple Ways To Fix It

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: It’s all a lie.  Nobody, you especially, will ever make money.  Any results based claims are totally made up and likely testimonials presented by cartoon animals.  You should NEVER believe what cartoon animals tell you.  Nothing you read here will be helpful in anyway to anyone, nor should you attempt anything ESPECIALLY if it sounds tempting or you are pregnant or think you may become pregnant… By having even clicked to this site you may experience an uncomfortable burning sensation while urinating, dry mouth, shingles, hives, herpes along with immediate loss of hope and/or total financial destruction.  Furthermore; all monies gathered will be used, in mostly futile efforts, to purchase my extremely attractive wife sparkly objects so she will feel compelled to play nice when MY friends visit.

Now… On With The Show:

Recently I offered my beloved subscribers a blatant bribe so they’d reveal what marketing subjects would compel them to give me more money.  And who would have thunk…  the #1 question everybody had was “How do I get website traffic?”  So right here, right now I’m going to take some time and answer that question once and for all.

Shocking Website Traffic Fix #1: You Really Should Consider Having A Website

Now call me crazy, but unless you’re doing some contextual/direct linking CPA biznass you’re going to need a location where clickers and interweb eyeballs can rest their ADHD infused heads.  I say this only because the vast majority of folks who finished my Q&A confessed they didn’t have a site up yet, but for some strange reason felt a desperate urge for more traffic.

Well, if you happen to be one of the many who wakes late at night in a cold sweat, horrified about the prospect of turning on that dastardly computer…

I have great news… YOUR site can be made from just about anything!  Free blog, FaceBook, Old Socks, YouTube… freaking ANYTHING!  Just so long as you have some control over what visitors see, how they see it and what they do next.

But for those of us who are certified ninja maters of the right click clan… we shall embrace a more advanced approach…

Quick Fix: I’m a HUGE fan of using NameCheap, HostGator (HG) and WordPress (WP) blogs to solve this “I don’t gots a site” issue.  Good ‘ol HG is as little as $4.95/month for unlimited hosting and WP is 100% free.  It’s like a match made in heaven!  Furthermore, there’s absolutely zero need to code!

This is because we paid top dollar for intelligently industrious people, living in far off distant lands, between floods and mortar fire to make all the work go away!

YouTube Video –> How To Register A Domain Name

YouTube Video –> How To Set Up Hosting

YouTube Video –> How To Set Up WordPress

Google Search –> Killer WordPress Themes

YouTube Video –> How To Install Your Theme

Shocking Website Traffic Fix #2: Your Site Needs To Be About Something

Let’s be honest… I’m into $17.97 spam traffic sent to irrelevant banner farms like “” as much as the next guy, but when it comes right down to it…  nothing says “by my stuff” like a few quality articles in a niche market combined with a call to action.

Seriously, test have shown (performed mostly by cartoons found online so you KNOW the data’s accurate) that presell content helps sell WAY more stuff!

So what, you may ask, should you publish on your shiny new site?  Keyword focused, niche specific articles that help solve your visitors problem.

At the end of each article you will simply ask them to take an action. Perhaps you’ll say “If you liked this then you’ll LOVE my sales letter! Click now to give me money!”

Quick Fix: Get started by going to and searching for articles with similar focus and topic as the ones you want to write.  Once you locate a few all you have to do is rewrite them!  No, you should NEVER copy word for word, but there’s nothing wrong with using another piece of work as a basis for your own.

YouTube Video –> How To Chose A Niche Market

YouTube Video –> How To Do Keyword Research

YouTube Video –> How To Write An Article (Thanks Dr. Bacak!)

YouTube Video –> Posting On Your WordPress Blog

YouTube Video –> How To Write A Call To Action

Shocking Website Traffic Fix #3: It’s All About What “Other People” Say

How is it I’m able to get such amazing Google rankings in such a short period of time?  Easy!  I game the system…

Since I’m a total freaking jenius I’m able to “trick” the Search Engines into thinking I’m actually creating content people want to read by using keywords like “Free Adult Website” and “Russell A. Yermal Social Media King” in the same sentence.

This clever tactic throws the indexing robot into a self-destructive tail spin, and to make sure I stop bringing the pain Google simply offers me whatever ranking I want for whatever keywords I request.  So you see… It’s SIMPLE!

But for the rest of humanity you’ll have to go out and get other people telling Google what you’re site is all about.

This process is called “link building” and it’s a lot like how word of mouth works when your friend Nina in accounts payable needs to get her car fixed.  Rather than go to a phonebook to ring a random repair shop, she’ll ask Debby in reception, Steve in sales and Shelly-Anne (the semi-attractive temp with a slight overbite who is being hit on Gary in the mail room in such a way as to make everyone just a bit uncomfortable) who THEY think the best auto repair might be.

What if they all say “Jack’s Auto Body & Repair down on 35th street is the BEST auto repair shop we’ve ever been to!  Jack is so amazing we even named our kids after him… INCLUDING the girls!”

Now in Nina’s mind “Jack’s Auto Body & Repair down on 35th street” MEANS “Auto Repair”.

Same thing with Google: If you have a bunch of sites out there with links pointing to YOUR site… and each of those links say’s your site is about “KEYWORD”… Google sees all those links and automatically believes your site is about THAT KEYWORD!  Next thing you know… tada!  You’re getting freaking traffic!

So your bottom line lesson is obviously you want to publish some great info on your new site, but you also want to publish info on OTHER sites as the links coming back to you will help get you all that superstar traffic you’re trying to get.

Quick Fix: Want some tactics?  Great.. here are a bunch of videos on getting Madd Google love

YouTube Video –> How To Use Article Marketing

YouTube Video –> How To Do Social Bookmarking

YouTube Video –> How To Do Link Building

YouTube Video –> How To Get Links From Blog Comments

YouTube Video –> How To Use SENuke (NINJA!)

How To Make YOUR Success Happen A LOT Faster: All in all you can either chose to do this yourself or you can have somebody do it for you. The bottom line either way is simple… by choosing to set up a simple site and take some basic actions you can have a shot at making some great money.

Simply stay focused on 1 thing at a time until what you’re doing starts working.  THEN you can expand into other things.

Hey, that’s how I got started!  I used basic sites with content rich-presell articles to make my first bucks on the net… 3 years of focus and over $1.4million in total sales later I’m writing this post for YOU.

Your Other Alternative: If you want to be up and running in 5 – 15 minutes rather than 5 – 15 days… is to get a system where everything has already been done for you!  You’ll want your sites set up, pages already done, copy already written, list building software fully integrated AND the ability to have other people send you traffic…


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Holy S!!!T! Has Anyone Seen This??

Click The Video To Play:

Want to see the real post? Click Here

So yea, right around $3,000 in total sales from 1 forum
post done the right way… but it was back in 2008, will
it still work??

Yup.  That is unless people have stopped using forums as
personal soapboxes (and I don’t see that going down any
time soon.)

By the way… make sure you post your comments, ad this
to your FaceBook page as well as ReTweet.  (I’m a sucker
for publicity!)

Q: Do I need to be brash and offensive like you to make
this work?

A: Hell no!  What’s freaking wrong with you?!?!
I’m kidding ;).  While you don’t have to swear like a drunken
sailor (sorry Austin, TX!) you do need to be “controversial”.

Make people want to talk about what you just posted.  Having
a “negative” spin + tone in your post can also dramatically
increase your eyeballs.

Q: What sort of topics can I “come out” against?

A: You can use this with anything EXCEPT other forum members.

Most of these places have hard rules about personal bashing.
It’s just not worth it AND when you attack somebody directly it
tends to make you look like an ass.

Better to essentially “show up and agree with them” (Thanks Dan
Kennedy!)  Be harsh, be vague and always leave ’em wanting
more details.

I can’t tell you how many people PMed me asking for the link
to that site.

Q: What sort of markets will this work with?

A: All of them (as far as I know).  Just make sure you’re
in a forum that gets enough daily traffic to really make
an impact.  Obviously larger markets will have more
daily traffic to play with.

Q: What should I do next?

A: Dude!  Post your comments, spread this through
the “Share On FaceBook” link below and ReTweet the hell
out of it!


Bathrobes And Bunny Suits Do A Good Power Tie Make

I suppose if your life was the result of classical education and a very “Vanilla” background it could be argued, at least on the surface, soliciting business from a multi-millionaire CEO wearing nothing more than a bathrobe and flip-flops could be seen as potentially counter productive…

But then again most people who think they need to wear expensive suites (or pants in general), uttering phrases like “yes, sir” while acting as if there’s a 40ft pole up their asses are clearly NOT successful people 😉  (Or at least not very happy successful people)

Let us then meet Elizabeth Slaughter: a phenomenal example of corporate America 
actually getting it right for a change…

Elizabeth Slaughter

Elizabeth Slaughter

This velor pant suit wearing, sleepy eyed monster of a working woman 
had the unfortunate luck of sitting next to me during the 4 hour return flight from Las
 Vegas… And oh my was she chatty!  (All I wanted was to sleep and she had the AUDACITY to be interesting… the nerve of some people)

During said “chat” there were 2 things which stood out about Miss Slaughter…

#1: She was the fist person in as long as I can remember who when asked the question “Do you like what you do” responded with a “YES.”

Zero hesitation.

#2: Even though she has a marketing degree and actively uses it almost daily she had no idea about all this online stuff we do… But she had the mental framework to get it!  (A thing once rare now becoming more common)

The more we talked the more she let go about a BAD ASS program she had been working on for some time.  Great concept, great market but no idea how to get the word out or how to develop it into a working monitization model.

She had actually shelved the project and was quietly waiting for some insight as to her next move.  (Law of attraction anyone?)

Shocking?  Not at all!

It’s simply a reflection of how little the mainstream world understands this crazy Magik we do on the interslice.


And this Slaughter character is one of an ever growing number of offline people who are mad powerful movers who, once exposed to what we know and do, will get out there and CRUSH IT.

Remember those video posts I did about working with offline biz folks?  Guess what.  THEY FREAKING WORK!  In fact, they work now more than ever.

Here’s Your Takeaway: (Ala GI Joe “Knowing Is Half The Battle”)

“Yo Joe” Part I: Opportunity is freaking EVERYWHERE but only those in the flow taking action will benefit.

Slaughter being the case in point.  What she dropped on my lap, in the right hands, could easily be a 7 figure/year biz.  Super ninja shiz she’s already made moves with.

Situations like this crop up DAILY when you’ve allowed yourself to become the sort of person who attracts cool stuff and cool people.  But making that transformation is 100% your choice.

“Yo Joe” Part II: If you are taking said action your online wizardry will blow peoples minds and many doors will open.

Seriously.  If I’ve said it once I’ve said it 1000x… if you’ve read 1 online marketing book (or even thought of buying my stuff 😉 then you know more than 99% of all biz owners out there.  Might want to think about using that to your advantage.  Maybe.

Bottom Line: Income is attracted to movement.  Make moves.  Make money.  Done.  Then you get to take a month off while doing deals in bathrobes, spending almost 4 weeks on cruise ships and throwing down in Vegas.  (Not that I know anything about that sort of stuff)

See you next time,


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Merry Christmas, Holy Crap!

Hit Play On This Video Below. It’s My All Time Favorite Screw Up:

Last year at about this same time I wrote an email breaking down how in order
to change your circumstances you must first change yourself so that those new
circumstances are able to manifest themselves in your life.

While this point was very true, it just didn’t feel all that festive…

This year I have something vastly more fun for you 😉

This year I’d like to share with you a very powerful reality and give you a stunning
video example… You ready?

Holiday Lesson Ala Jonny: EVERYTHING good is a result of failure.

Personal Case In Point: I have been able to achieve my super ninja success
by very simply applying over and over basic core principals, taking action and
learning from things that didn’t work.

Example: My last “public” launch was a total miss.

What I did: I experimented with several marketing techniques that had INDIVIDUALLY
produced stunning results.

I put them in a sequence which I was convinced would result in one of the greatest
viral marketing plans of all time…

The Actual Results: Pure poo.

As it turns out these techniques are AMAZING when used individually but not so
hot when combined into one system.

HOLY CRAP! (Jonny just admitted to screwing something up)

So what do you think I did?

Because I was paying attention I was able to see where the breakdowns
were happening…

Using this information that came from a total failure I modified my approach…

30 days later I quietly relaunched this system with a few “tweaks”…

The Results: I broke my all my previous MONTHLY income records
in roughly 48 hours all without Affiliates and without really any product.

What This Means For You:

Don’t be afraid to try something new… ESPECIALLY if it looks difficult or if you
think you’ll fail the first time.

That’s what it means to be alive. We’re here to screw up. But more than that we’re
here to learn from those mistakes and use them to make us better people… to make
us better at succeeding in whatever we chose to do with our lives.

Like I said, failure is the GREATEST leaning experience of all time. And even if
there really is no way to pick up all the rotting pieces of whale meat… at least
it’s good for a laugh several decades later 😉

Have a great holiday and keep expanding yourself,


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FTC Crackdown: The REAL Death Of Affiliate Marketing

HEADS UP DISCLAIMER: I’m not a lawyer (nor do I pretend to be) so anything you read on this blog should NOT be taken as legal/financial advice.  You should ALWAYS get your own suit wearing legal team to check this stuff out for yourself.  So make sure you’re looking at everything you read here as pure info-tainment.  Because that’s EXACTLY what it is… Nothing more.  Got it?

Also, this is a blog post/interview by Jim Edwards that you’ll want to check out as well

The REAL Death Of Affiliate Marketing (And Just In Time For Christmas!)

By now I’m sure you’ve heard the FTC is dropping the hammer starting Dec 1st 2009 regarding product endorsements and the use of testimonials in marketing… (And if you’re one of those marketers living outside the USA everything still applies to you if you plan on selling inside the country… even online)

So while you may know changes are coming, what you may NOT know is how far these new changes will reach.

Here, if you’re in a hurry I’ll bottom line it for you:

On December 1st 2009 ALL Marketing As You Know It Will Change Completely…

As I’m a fairly successful online business owner what first got my attention was the forum chatter about the new laws regarding use of testimonials and kickbacks (affiliates/disclosure of material connections)

Most of the Big-Kids in my market thought the changes would effect those “I Made 9 Million Dollars In 15 Seconds!” sort of testimonials and also require anyone promoting a product to disclose if they were getting a cut.

And yes, that’s totally true…

Under the new laws you can no longer show best results unless you also show average results.  You also need to disclose if you’re making a buck off recommending the product to people…

No big deal, right?

I mean, changes like that can only help people by removing moronic/obvious fake business opportunities and weight loss programs… Sweet!

But that’s not where the laws stop… that’s not even close to where they start!

In fact, the changes are so sweeping it would take me at least 10 pages just to scratch the surface of testimonial usage.

This is simply much, MUCH bigger than anyone was lead to believe…

Just How Big Are These New Laws?  Here’s An Example:

ClickBank (A Billion Dollar Company) has what’s called an “Open Affiliate Program”.

This means anybody with a computer, some free time and a dream can get a link, promote a product and get paid every time somebody clicks and buys…

Super cool, right?

Hey, that single technique has been responsible for improving the financial lives of TONS of people (including myself)

Under the new FTC laws… those days are GONE.

Under the new laws (and this is just my interpretation of legal jargon) you can no longer make any claims about a product you’re endorsing unless you’re personally using it and can SCIENTIFICALLY verify the results you’re claiming.

In fact, this is so far reaching it would appear if you are the product OWNER and one of your affiliates makes claims using promotional materials they got directly from YOU containing result claims they can’t personally verify… BOTH of you are liable.

Bottom Line: You own a product.  One of your affiliates promotes it somewhere and simply restates claims you make on your own sales letter… if they can’t back those claims up personally with verifiable data… you’re both hosed.

Example #2: You own a product and your affiliate makes claims you DO NOT support on your sales letter…

Guess what?  Yup!  You’re both toast!  (Even if you have no knowledge of what this affiliate is doing)

Under the new laws it is the publishers responsibility to police any/all affilaites.

Good by ClickBank open affiliate program marketing!  Will they have to close?  I doubt it, but they will have to make some very big changes to how they allow people to promote as affiliates.

Holy Crap!  What About Joint Ventures And Big Mailings?

For me this would appear to be a MEGA concern as it’s the cornerstone on which my entire business is based…

On the surface it would seem getting people to hit “Send” for your product is something that is laid to rest alongside “flogs”

However, what I’m seeing/reading this isn’t actually the case.

(Keep in mind, this is my non-lawyer interpretation of VERY vague legal jargon) It would appear so long as the Joint Venture partner makes ZERO results claims inside the promotional email and fully discloses the link inside clicking is an affiliate link… then you both should be fine.

Holy Crap We’re Screwed!  We’re Screwed!  We’re Screwed!!!

I’m sure by now if you’re making money online and/or even thinking about choosing this sort of business you’re about 15 seconds from physically lighting your computer on fire…  And I get it, but hold up a second because all is not lost.

After spending HOURS reviewing this stuff what seems to be the bottom line for us kids in the online marketing space is this:

So long as your marketing is 100% transparent with zero results based testimonials, along with FULL affiliate compensation disclosures… and you truly have your customers best interest in mind you SHOULD be fine.

The issue (as I see it) is that the FTC has left A LOT to interpretation.

All Truly Is NOT Lost…

Obviously (as I said before) I’m not a lawyer, I just get advice from guys who play them on tv… I’m going to share with you where I’m leaning with my own business and hopefully you can get some ideas.

Jonny’s Potential Don’t Get Sued By The FTC Ninja Move “A”: From everything I’m reading it would appear the only sane move is to totally change how you might be marketing ClickBank products (including niche markets)

Don’t get me wrong… I LOVE ClickBank.  I love them because they have paid me over $400,000 this year alone (YES, I can verify it AND I pay lots of taxes)

But their open affiliate program may just be too much of a potential legal minefield to continue using them as so many online publishers have.

Jonny’s Potential Don’t Get Sued By The FTC Ninja Move “B”: Not that I have in the past, but in the future I’m not going to use ANY results based testimonials.  If I use any at all they will be what they are now “I like your stuff and you’re a really good teacher.”

According to reps from the FTC itself testimonials like that should be totally fine because they’re not “results based”.

Yes.  There Is Hope.  These New Laws Can Actually Make You MORE MONEY!

Just a few weeks ago I did an internal marketing test based almost entirely on the new FTC laws… this particular test made me a very large sum of money in a very short period of time.  (Won’t disclose exactly how much, but let’s just agree it was more than $2.97 in under 365 days, you should personally never expect to make a dime and will potentially get facial mites just for having read this blog post.)

The entire process took very little time to build, only a few hours to implement… and was done WITHOUT any testimonials, WITHOUT any 3rd party income claims (or results claims of any kind at all) and WITHOUT any sort of standard marketing techniques period.

The entire sales process was 100% transparent from start to finish.

Despite the apparent lack of standard sales tactics, this particular marketing process converted BETTER than almost anything I have done before and was basically a full disclosure/breakdown of how I was selling them into the program in the first place.

Thus far my internal FTC compliance test has resulted in my highest grossing month of 2009 hands down.

So what if, just what if you were able to make oodles of loot as an affiliate without ever making an income claim, fully disclosing you were getting a cut AND using social media to market your links in complete compliance with every FTC guideline written no matter how vague?

Oh no, I’m not “claiming” anything… I’m just asking “What If?” 😉

All I’m saying is the game has changed for everybody… BIG TIME.  I’m guessing these changes will spell the end for 80% of the online marketers out there who rely exclusively on fake stories, false income claims and hype to sell their products.  In reality this is fantastic.  It leaves the market wide open for people like us who prefer to sell our stuff in an open, honest way.

Because as my “little” test just proved: you should NEVER lie… because the truth sells WAY more copies.

Chat with you later,

Jonny Andrews

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60K In 60 Days WITHOUT Internet Marketing??

2 Fast things: #1: I’m not making a dime for sharing this info with
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IF you are still struggling it would do you well to listen to this
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Click To Listen To The $60K In 60 Days Interview

Jonny Interviews Billy & Stefan: 60K In 60 Days Without IM?

You’re going to get a kick out of this one… This is an interview I
did with 2 nice fellows who hang with Krazy Man Kern in La Jolla
and do basically nothing but surf…


Yup, this is pure naked.  No affiliate link, no “back end” cash… this
interview was done purely for anyone struggling to put food on the
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Truth be told when I heard what these guys do I had to get something
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Thank you again for all your help, and have a GREAT holiday!

Jonny Andrews

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12 Weeks, 4 Steps, Uber Pimp Status

Warning: This Video Is A Whopping 40 Minutes!
(Just Hit The “Play” Button To Start)

Yo!  Update: I can’t believe I’m going to do this but…

A lot of people have been hitting the support desk about the “dead link”
to the form… it’s not a dead link!  I spell “Jonny” without an “h”

So for the rest of the night you can watch this video and then click HERE
to go directly to the form.

Here’s The Breakdown Of What’s Up In This Video:

99% of the people that buy info products fail to produce
either any money or any results period.

Why is that?

Well, at this little “Workation” thingy at the Mexican Mansion
I got to personally coach totally normal people and watch
them totally kill it…

Here’s The Big Breakdown:

Step #1: Find a hot market

Step #2: Find out what that hot market wants

Step #3: Get some BIG traffic

Step #4: Get a spectacular sales process

Guess where the problems are?  Yup.  Step #3 and #4.

That’s what this video is here for… to help you break
through all those barriers.  AND, if you’re looking for
some extra help make sure you pay attention to my
“Anti Pitch” at the end of the thing…

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I’ll look forward to working with you as part of my Elite
10 dudes…

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12 Minutes Of Money Making Sweatiness

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Yes, the content is great, but if you can’t take the heat… get the
hell off my blog!  (Obviously I’m joking)

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Thank You Billy D. Williams For Your Child-Like Honesty


In these days of fake Acai Berry weight loss testimonials, “Free Trial”
offers and an ever expanding sea of get rich quick business opportunities,
how is a person to believe their eyes and ears any more?

It’s like a great hole has been ripped in my heart where love, trust and
honesty once lived… a large, gaping hole that is now filled with a tumultuous
ocean disenchantment.

For many years I have searched for a person I could look up to and respect…
Someone I knew would NEVER lie to me or lead me astray…

Then one night, after years of praying, there he was…

Like an angelic messenger hovering above me… a shining
beacon of hope and good will!  Billy D. Williams, Lando Calrissian
my childhood Star Wars hero.  He would NEVER lie to me.

And I sat for a moment as an aw-struck child, starting into his cherub like
face which floated above me in the night sky… I decided THIS was the moment.

In the next second I flung caution to the wind and hastened out to
comply with that silent command from the above…

Billy D. had spoken the truth honestly, simply, without thought to personal
gain or social status…

4 hours later I raised a shaking 40oz bottle to the sky and “poured some out”
Billy D, you are truth in advertising incarnate…

Because BY GOD it does work every time!

We shall chat again,

Jonny Andrews

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Use FaceBook As A Weapon?? A Response

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Have you ever tried to explain what you do online to “regular”
people?  If not then try it sometime and let me know how
that goes.  😉

(FYI, this is in response Guy Kawasaki’s blog post today)

I’ve come to find there are 2 dominating schools of thought
when it comes to online marketing and especially regarding
people using places like FaceBook,…

The first is obvious… most people fire up an FB
account to network and have fun with friends.

The other school of thought goes something like this:

“FaceBook is a huge invasion of privacy and I’ll never use
it as long as I live because I don’t want all my business out
there for the world to see…”

On the surface this could make total sense, and many moons ago
I would have let it slide with an easy shrug and a fast “how ‘bout
them Bears” conversation changer…

These days, however, I like to dig a bit deeper.

At the core, the above mentioned philosophy looks a lot like this:

“If I use FaceBook people in black suites will come into my home, go through
all my personal stuff and post everything about me all over the net for
everyone to see.”

What people with a philosophy like that (and there are many) are missing
is that everything on line is 100% what YOU decide it should be.

YOU get to chose if you post those pictures of you sleeping next to the
toilet at your best friends bachelor party after having 9 Jagger Bombs
and a shot of Patron… (Something I know nothing about)

YOU get to chose how you paint the picture the world sees…
YOU get to create whatever “external” life you chose.

Are you looking for a job?  Then might I suggest NOT posting
the frat party photos where you and the boys dressed up like girls
and did pole dances for the ladies of Alpha-Delta-Theta!

Same with running a business…

YOU decide what sort of image people will see, and who you attract.

Decide how YOU want the world to see you and craft an image
to embody that end result.

Because I guarantee you they’re looking… and in today’s world
NOT seeing you is just as bad as you sending the wrong message.

End Game: Learn to use FaceBook as a weapon that works for you
rather than against you.

Chat later,


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to know what you think of all this jazz…


This Is Just Crazy: Everyone gets paid on commission??

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I just read a post by this dude named Seth Goden where
he was talking about a Washington Post writer (Jay Rosen)
who got laid off because his blog wasn’t getting enough traffic!

That’s crazy!

The reason I say that is because you show me a writer/
artist or any other “artsy” person who knows the first
thing about getting web traffic.

Personally I think if you have a “Job” that’s not
suposed to be part of the package.

It isn’t the authors job to get the eyeballs… it’s the
companies job to get the eyeballs…

However I’m sure you can see where the world is going right
now… nobody is going to give you the training but now EVERYBODY
expects you to know how to market yourself on line!

What do you think? Is it crazy that your company can
now fire you if you’re not an online marketing expert?

Leave your comments, I want to know!


Jonny Andrews & Bill Crosby Live On USTREAM

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This is a super fun interview I did with Bill Crosby and Gabe
that we blasted live on UStream a few weeks ago.

A lot of this is about my marketing mindset and how
it’s helped me become successful quickly.

Nothing to buy!  (So have lots of fun 😉

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